Publications abroad


Since 1968, the International Scientific and Technical Journal "Problems of Control and Informatics" (formerly "Automatics" since 1956, ISSN 0572-2691) has been translated into English and published in the USA. From 1968 to 2003, the magazine changed its name and publisher several times.

The first translated issue of the journal was published under the name "Soviet Automatic control" (ISSN 0038-5328), Ukrainian Journal of Automatica (Published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers with the aid grant from the National Science Foundation Translation and Composition by Scripta Electronica , Inc.) - Vol. 1, No. 1, Jan.-Feb. 1968–1984.

Since 1985, the journal has been published under the new name "Soviet Journal of Automation and Information Sciences", (ISSN 0882-570X) (formerly "Soviet Automatic Control"), Scripta Technica, Inc. A Subsidiary of John Wiley & Sons, Inc, Publishers.

Since 1991 - under the name "Journal of Automation and Information Sciences" (ISSN 1064-2315) (formerly "Soviet Journal of Automation and Information Sciences"), Scripta Technica, Inc. A Wiley Company.

From 1995 to 2020, inclusive, the magazine was republished in its entirety in English by the publishing firm BEGELL HOUSE, INC. (USA) under the name "Journal of Automation and Information Sciences" (ISSN 1064-2315 (print), ISSN 2163-9337 (online)) and was included in the Scopus abstract database.