Journal №1

Problems of Controlled Systems Dynamics

Kaliukh Yu.I., Berchun Ya.A. Four-mode model of dynamics of distributed systems  5 - 15

Optimization Methods and Optimal Control

Hrypynska N.V., Dykha M.V., Korkuna N.M., Tsehelyk H.H. Applying dynamic programming method to solving the problem of optimal allocation of funds between projects   16..24

Komyak V.M., Sоbоl A.N., Danilin A.N., Komyak V.V., Kyazimov K.T. Optimization of division of area on subarias under specified limitations in space  25..37

Methods of Control and Estimation under Uncertainty Conditions

Nakonechnyi A.G., Kudin G.I., Zinko P.N., Zinko T.РExcitation method in problems of regression of a linear matrix  38..47

Control of the Systems with Distributed Parameters Mathematical Simulation

Nehodenko E.V.Onyshchenko V.V. Characteristics of mathematical modelling for the Internet of Things system   48..56

Conflict-Controlled Processes and Methods of Decision Making

Mamatov M.Sh., Zunnunov A.O., Esonov E.E. Quantitative analysis of the problem of Lion and Man in the presence of a circular obstacle  57..66

Iskanadjiev I.M. First direct Pontryagin’s method for differential inclusions  67..80

Numerical Methods in Extreme Problems, Methods of Functions Appro­ximation

Bushev D.M. On some applications of isometricity of functional spaces in applied mathematics  81..90

Technical tools for measurements and control

Tryhuba A.M., Batyuk B.B., Dyndyn M.L. Coordination of configurations of complex organizational and technical systems of development of agricultural sector branches  91..103

Robots and Artificial Intelligence Systems

Bychkov A.S., Dimitrov G.P., Shevchenko V.L., Shevchenko A.V. Improving of computer epidemics model by evaluating the functional stability of the information system   104..114

Kurgaev A.F. The concept of information. Part I. The presentation of information in the form of a scientific theory  115..126

Solovyov V.I., Rybalskiy O.V., Zhuravel V.V. Method of exposure of signs of the digital editing in phonograms with the use of neuron networks of the deep learning   127..133

Control in Economic and Biological Systems

Aralova N.I., Shakhlina L.Ya.-G., Futornyi S.M., Kalytka S.V. Information technologies of grounding of optimal course of interval hypoxic training in practice of sports training of highly qualified sportswomen  134..159

Information materials  160