Journal №1

Problems of Controlled Systems Dynamics

Ivokhin E.V., Adzhubey L.T., Gavrylenko O.V. On the formalization of dynamics in information processes on the basis of inhomogeneous one- dimensional diffusion models 5

Ismayilova G.G. On definition of coefficient of the lowest term in the multidimensional second order hyperbolic equation 13

Optimization Methods and Optimal Control

Stenin A.A., Pasko V.P., Drozdovich I.G. Optimization of linear dynamic systems by methods of functional analysis 20

Yakovlev S.V., Pichugina O.S., Yarovaya O.V. Polyhedral spherical configurations in discrete optimization problem 27

Methods of Identification

Semenov V.Yu. Methods of calculation and coding parameters of autoregressional speech models when developing a vocoder on the basis of the fixed point signal processor 41

Conflict-Controlled Processes and Methods of Decision Making

Perevaryukha A.Yu. Comparative analysis of the results of modeling of extreme population processes for fish and insects 51

Mathematical Simulation and Study of Complex Controlled Systems

Martsenyuk V.P., Sverstiuk A.S., Andrushchak I.E. Approach to the study of global asymptotic stability of lattice differential equations with delay for modeling of immunosensors 62

Bushev D.N. Isometry of the functional spaces with different number of variables and some its applications in the theory of approximation of functions 75

Control of Physical Objects and Technical Systems

Pankratova N.D. , Kondratova L.P. System strategy for guaranteed complex engineering system functioning in real operating conditions 82

Control of the Systems with Distributed Parameters

Safarova Z.R. ON finding the coefficients of derivative in the string vibration equaion which has discontinuity 93

Information Processing Methods

Zhukovskaya O.A., Fainzilberg L.S. Bayesian strategy for group decision making and its interval generalization 100

Timchenko V.L., Lebediev D.O. Optimization of processes of robust control of quadrocopter for monitoring of sea waters 113

Konchits A.P., Sukach E. I. Application of probability-algebraic simulation for analysis of images in the presence of noise 122

Rusyn B.P., Lutsyk A.A., Kosarevych R.Ya. Modified architecture of lossless image compression based on FPGA for on-board devices with CCD-line 131

Space Information Technologies and Systems

Tkachenko A.I. A combined algorithm of the in-flight geometric calibration using unknown landmarks 140

Economic and Management Systems

Ovchar P.A. , Holubka S.M. Theoretical and methodological foundations of investigation of auto transport in national economy 147