Journal №1

Problems of Controlled Systems Dynamics

Kuntsevich V.M. Control synthesis for linear and nonlinear dynamic systems under bounded disturbances in measurements of state vector 6

Methods of Identification and Adaptive Control

Petryk М.R. High velocity identification methods of the model parameters of filtration-consolidation of compressible media of moisture-saturated micro-porous particles 18

Optimal Control and Optimization Methods

Sergienko I.V., Shylo V.P.  Modern approaches to solving complex discrete optimization problems 32

Chentsov A.G., Chentsov A.A. On the problem of obtaining the value of routing problem with constraints 41

Mathematical Simulation and Study of Complex Controlled Systems

Selezov I.T., Kryvonos Iu. G. Distributed control of wave vibrations of elastic plate in magnetohydrodynamic stream 55

Control of Physical Objects and Technical Systems

Larin V.B. On finding the actuator which has fault 63

Methods of Control and Estimation under Uncertainty Conditions

Zhiteckii L.S. Robust control of some classes of nonlinear discrete-time plants using linear controllers 72

Information Processing Methods

Kuznetsov N.Yu., Kuznetsov I.N. Evaluation of the steady-state probabilities of queueing system  by importance sampling 89

Melikov A.Z., Ponomarenko L.A., Bagirova S.A. Analysis of queueing-inventory systems with impatient consume customers 97

Gorbiychuk M.I., Мedvedchuk V.М., Lazoriv А.N.  Analyses of parallel algorithm of empirical models synthesis on the principles of genetic algorithms 112

Control in Biological and Natural Systems

Belov V.M, Kotova A.B. Harmony of health is in harmony of numbers of the golden sections 131

Robots and Artificial Intelligence Systems

Galkin A.A. Depth based classification method on the basis of a scalable Mahalanobis distance for sets with unequal prior probabilities 139

Problems of Information Protection

Zadiraka V.K. , Kudin A.M., Seliukh P.V., Shvidchenko I.V. Cloud technologies: new facilities of computing cryptanalysis 148

Information for the authors and subscribers 160