Journal №1

Problems of Controlled Systems Dynamics

Zhukovskiy V.J., Chikrii A.A. On discrete conflict-controlled processes described by Grunvald–Letnikov fractional systems 5

Onishchenko S.M. Stabilization of nonlinear systems state observers under uncertainty 15

Musurivskiy V.I., Yasinskiy V.K. On the problem of stabilization of stochastic differential-functional equations with impulse Markovian perturbations and constant lag. Part III. 25

Methods of Identification and Adaptive Control

Apostolyuk A.S., Larin V.B. On determining the parameters of sinusoids 31

Optimal Control and Optimization Methods

Kopets М.М. Linear-quadratic optimal control problem for hyperbolic system 40

Aida-zade K.R., Guliyev S.Z. Zonal control synthesis for nonlinear systems under nonlinear output feedback 52

Aghaei Agh Ghamish Yaghaub. Solving the matrix problem on safe with two types of locks 67

Mathematical Simulation and Study of Complex Controlled Systems

Selezov I.T., Kryvonos Iu.G., Avramenko O.V. Modeling of wave regimes and control parameters at body motion under the water 73

Kuznetsov N.Yu., Homyak O.N. Fast simulation of the reliability of repairable system operating in two modes 84

Nasirova T.I., Neymanov E.M., Ibayev E.A. Laplace– Stieltjes transform for the distribution of the process of semi-Markov random walk with reflecting barrier at zero 97

Control of Physical Objects and Technical Systems

Ladikov-Roev Yu.P., Cheremnykh O.K. Stability of crystallization front in prizmatical ampule under fast vibration 105

Information Processing Methods

Romanuke V.V. Sampling of the continuous antagonistic game on unit hypercube and reshaping multidimensional matrix for solving the corresponding matrix game 118

Space Monitoring

Kuntsevich V.M. Computing optimal flight paths for capturing images from satellites and satellite clusters 127

Economic and Management Systems

Shafizadeh E.R., Shikhlinskaya R.Yu. Profit optimization in virtual business apllying fuzzy logic 134

Vasyanin V.A. Problem of distribution and routing of transport blocks with mixed attachments and its decomposition144