Journal №1

Optimization Methods and Optimal Control

Trofymchuk A.N., Vasyanin V.A., Ushakova L.P. Research the problem of optimizing the hierarchical structure of a sparse and dense communication network      5

Gorban N.V., Kapustyan A.V., Kapustyan E.A., Kurilko A.B. On approximate optimal control for the reaction-diffusion process in microinhomogeneous medium     22

Semenova N.V., Lomaha M.M.Semenov V.V. Lexicographic problems of convex optimization: solvability and optimality conditions, cutting plane method    30

Methods of Control and Estimation under Uncertainty Conditions

Vlasenko L.A., Rutkas A.G., Chikrii A.AStochastic differential games in distributed systems  41

Stochastic Systems, Fuzzy Sets

Kozlov A.V., Kondratenko Yu.P. Search of optimal membership functions of fuzzy systems based on bioinspired evolutionary algorithms.  55

Numerical Methods in Extremal Problems, Methods of Functions Approximation

Kharkevych Yu.I., Khanin A.G. Approximative properties of Abel–Poisson-type operators on the generalized Hölder classes   76

Information Processing and Protection Methods

Khamdamov R.Kh., Kerimov K.F. Database protection based on web application firewall    84

Robots and Artificial Intelligence Systems

Solovyov V.I., Rybalskiy O.V., Zhuravel V.V. System of automatic segmentation of pauses in phonograms on the basis of neuron networks of the deep learning    91

Dykha M.V., Hrypynska N.V., Tsehelyk H.H., Marko M.Ya. Determination of the optimal order portfolio from the many of possible     98

Operations Research and Systems Analysis

Semeniuta M.F. Fibonacci and super Fibonacci graceful labellings of some types of graphs    105

Oletsky O.V., Mahno M.F. Enhancing adequacy of grading study projects on the base of parametric relaxation of pairwise comparisons method  122

Control in Economic and Biological Systems

Brunetkin A.I., Beglov K.V., Maksimov M.M., Ulitskaja E.O. Model and method of controlled pyrolysis of organic substances of variable composition   134