Journal №1

Problems of Controlled Systems Dynamics

Kuntsevich V.M. Minimization of impact of bounded perturbations on nonlinear discrete systems  5

Khusainov D.Ya., Diblik J., Bashtinec Ja., Shatyrko A.V. Dynamics investigation of one weekly nonlinear system with delay argument  22

Methods of Identification and Adaptive Control

Gubarev V.F., Fatenko V.V. Geometric and variational model order reduction methods. Comparative analysis  38

Conflict-Controlled Processes and Methods of Making Decision

Nakonechnyi A.G., Mashchenko S.O., Chikrii V.K. Motion control under conflict condition  53

Rappoport J.S. Sufficient conditions of the guaranteed result in differential game with a terminal pay off function  72

Control of Physical Objects and Technical Systems

Stasiuk A.I., Goncharova L.L. Differential mathematical models of computer research of the abnormal and transient modes of power supply systems of railways  85

Methods of Control and Estimation under Uncertainty Conditions

Ladikov-Roev Yu.P., Nabivach V.E. Excitation of wave processes in plasma cylinder with homogeneous currents and vorticity in the presence of radial heat flux  93

Space Information Technologies and Systems

Tkachenko A.I. A selection of the markers in the in-flight geometric calibration  104

Zyelyk Ya.I., Chornyy S.V., Podgorodetskaya L.V. Selection of the land sites for the post-launch radiometric calibration of the satellite electro optic sensors for the Earth observation  110

Technical tools for measurements and control

Kondratov V.T. Fundamental metrology. The magnetic–field theory of measurements with use of the phenomenon of transfer of energy and information through material or substance. Part I. Philosophical aspects of the theory  124

Economic and Management Systems

Kopytko M.I., Levkiv G.Ya., Vinichuk M.V. Macroeconomic security of Ukraine: problematic aspects of research and prospects of strengthening  137

Idrisov F.F. Approximate algorithms of estimating trends for financial intelligence tasks. Part II. Moments of the appearance of financial flow elements are unknown  146

Chronicle  156