Институт кибернетики им. В.М. Глушкова НАН Украины,
космических исследований НАН Украины и НКА Украины
Международный научно-технический журнал

V. M. Kuntsevich

Vsevolod Mikhailovich Kuntsevych — a well-known scientist in the field of control systems theory and practice systems, Academician of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (1992), Honored Scientist of Ukraine, laureate of USSR State Prizes (1979) and Ukraine in Science and Technology (1991, 2000). Director of the Institute of cosmic research NAS and NSA of Ukraine (1996-2007), chief editor of “Problems of control and informatics” (1994).
Born March 15, 1929 In 1952 graduated from the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. His professional path began Engineer Institute of Mining USSR. In 1957 became a graduate of the Institute of Electrical USSR, where after defending his doctoral thesis worked as a junior and later senior researcher Laboratory of automatic control of production processes. During these years, Vsevolod Mikhailovich studied the problems of the theory and application of extreme systems that only arose as a new research direction in the general theory of management.
In 1963 V. Kuntsevych moved to the Institute of Cybernetics, USSR Academy of Sciences, where he defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Sciences and in 1966 became head of the department of discrete control systems. His research of the period devoted to development of basic theory of special class of nonlinear control systems with variable-width modulation. The results included in the monograph, which was the first work in this direction, as in the former Soviet Union and beyond.
In scientific studies scholar 1973-1978 biennium. The problem of synthesis of control systems using the apparatus of Lyapunov functions. During this period, investigated and solved the problem of synthesis of optimal control systems of a wide class of nonlinear objects.
VN Kuntsevych and his students have developed a new approach to building adaptive control systems based on the methods of solving problems of parametric identification, which provide guaranteed assessment, as well as new algorithms for solving optimal control problems under uncertainty.
Since 1986 the focus Vsevolod Mikhailovich gives modern theory of management – robustness, during the investigation which it has received a number of significant results in the robust stability.
VN Kuntsevych led several projects connected with the development of automatic control systems that are embedded in the aviation industry, as well as automation in the oil refining industry.
In 1988 Vsevolod Mikhailovich was elected a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and in 1992 – academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He is currently Deputy Academician-Secretary of the Department of Informatics Sciences of Ukraine.
In 1995 V. Kuntsevych became deputy director of the Institute of Cybernetics of VM Glushkov National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and in May 1996 headed the newly created Institute for Space Research of NAS of Ukraine and National Space Agency of Ukraine. As director of its activities Vsevolod Mikhailovich drove the formation of the said Institute as the leading institution for space science in our country, the development of basic and applied research and coordination of their main lines of State (National) Space Program of Ukraine. Much attention VM Kuntsevych pays a basic question for future experiments on board the Ukrainian research module of the International Space Station.
The scientist – author of more than 250 scientific works, including 8 monographs. In Ukraine, it created a scientific school in the field of discrete control systems, has trained more than 30 candidates and 11 doctors. More than 25 years Vsevolod Mikhailovich taught courses in management theory from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute.
As part of the Authors of the world’s “Encyclopedia of Cybernetics” V. Kuntsevych in 1979 received the State Prize of the USSR in the field of science and technology; in 1991 for his work on the theory of invariance and its applications together with other scientists he was awarded the State Prize of Ukraine. In 1987 for a series of works on the theory of digital control systems Vsevolod Mikhailovich awarded Prize SA Lebedev Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences, and in 1995 – Prize VM Glushkov for the development and application of systems analysis. Achieving Vsevolod Mikhailovich at the scientific field marked as government awards – the Order “Badge of Honor”, “For Merit” third degree and medals “For trudovoe otlychye” and “For Valiant Labor”. In 1999 V. Kuntsevych awarded the title “Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine,” and in 2000 for a series of scientific papers multichannel systems management of transport facilities and rolling mills awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology.
In 1988 Vsevolod Mikhailovich was the chief editor of “Automation” (from 1994 – “Problems of control and informatics”).
Scientists have long been a member of the National Committee of the USSR on automatic control, and in 1992 was elected chairman of the National Committee of the Ukrainian Association of Automatic control – the national organization of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC).
Now VN Kuntsevych – Honorary Director of the Space Research Institute of NAS and NSA of Ukraine and Head of “Managing Dynamic Systems”.